Frontier Pain Management
Clinical Services

The clinical mission of GAC is to deliver top notch anesthesia services to patients, surgeons and hospitals. We collaborate with our OR team members to provide collegial and cost effective care. We promote a practice setting that attracts compassionate, affable, and highly skilled anesthesia providers.

Lawrence Reid MD, MBA is President of Gulfstream Anesthesia Consultants and is a Board Certified anesthesiologist.
He has over 20 years of clinical experience in hospitals and surgicenters. Most of his clinical career he served as Medical Director or Department Chair. Over the last decade, Dr. Reid has also worked as a consultant optimizing management of anesthesia services. His clients have profited from his expertise in human resource utilization analysis and fair market valuations. 

Melissa Lucas CRNA, MS, DNP(c), Vice-president, clinical services.
Ms. Lucas is currently chief CRNA and clinical coordinator for Gulfstream Anesthesia Consultants.  Over the past ten years, she has worked clinically in a variety of settings including large trauma centers, community hospitals and surgicenters.  Ms. Lucas served as assistant program director for Nazareth Hospital’s school of nurse anesthesia and an adjunct professor at St. Joseph’s University.  In addition to daily scheduling and clinical issues, she is responsible for the recruitment and retention of quality anesthesia providers.

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